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My Favorite : Scrap Deck

Hey, readers.
Welcome back to my blog.

Today's post is about my favorite deck
It's Scrap Deck, or at least you can say Scrap-themed Deck ^_^

"Scrap" archetype consist of EARTH monsters.
But the only characteristic of Scrap-archetype that you may always remember is "destroying card(s)", actually, it is focused to destroy your own cards ._.

Maybe some of you who don't know about this archetype will be confused at first glance, but if you look at its support cards, you will understand the meaning of that.

I'll explain it a little :

"Scrap" cards above have one effect that intersect to each other. Do you know what is that ?
Yes, you're right, it's destroying "Scrap" card. (In Scrap Kong case, it's destroying itself, though)

Those cards' effect look stupid, and can't bring any advantage to ourselves, but if you look at these cards :

(Scrap Factory is a Field-Spell card.)

Then, "Scrap" cards aren't actually useless at all :)

And that is my simple explanation about "Scrap" cards, and its support cards.
I can't explain to you at detail, because right now, i'm lack of ideas :)

So let's get to another point,
i have constructed deck about Scrap-archetype, and support cards around them.
I think it's pretty good, and it can swarm the field  very well, if you get good hand, of course.
But i can't still find the best draw machine for this deck of mine.

Oh well, here is my deck recipe :



x2 Scrap Breaker
x2 Scrap Golem (use its effect, bring back Scrap Searcher to your opponent's field, then watch)
x1 Scrap Soldier
x2 Scrap Shark
x2 Scrap Kong
x3 Scrap Orthros
x3 Scrap Chimera 
x3 Scrap Beast
x2 Scrap Goblin (your temporary impenetrable wall defense, lol)
x2 Scrap Searcher (act as a fodder for Synchro-summoning, or Kamikaze!)


x3 Scrapyard
x2 Guts of Steel (alternative for Scrap Lube)
x2 Scrapstorm
x3 Scrap Lube (your Call of the Haunted card)
x3 Scrap Factory (the "core" of this deck, i think)
x1 Foolish Burial (or you can add Gold Sarcophagus)


x3 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow
x3 Puzzle Reborn
x2 Soul Rope


x3 Scrap Dragon (a must-summon card)
x2 Scrap Archfiend
x2 Scrap Twin Dragon
x1 Atomic Scrap Dragon
x2 Stardust Dragon
x1 Shooting Star Dragon (Stardust Dragon + Phonon Pulse Dragon)
x1 Shooting Quasar Dragon (if you swarm enough, you can actually summon this!)
x2 Phonon Pulse Dragon (fill the role of Formula Synchron in this deck)
x1 Gao, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree

Well, i guess that's it for today. 
As usual, if you have any suggestions, please comment at below.

Enjoy :)

Proto Deck : Six Samurai

Hiya, long time no see, readers :)

Okay, it's been a long time since i posted the last post.
It's because i have many things to do in that mean time.

And now, i'm gonna tell you about Six Samurai deck.
Probably, some of you already know about this "Six Samurai" archetype.
Yep, you're right, it's an archetype consists of many Warrior-type monsters -_- (that's why they named it Samurai, duh)

But also, this archetype has many pretty good support cards. Don't forget, "swarming" is one of this archetype's hobbies, which can easily dominates the field.

I'm here not to explain the Six Samurai archetype in detail or any further, so let's get to the point.

Here is my deck recipe (Six Samurai-themed, of course) :


x2 Great Shogun Shien
x1 Enishi, Shien's Chancellor
x3 Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
x3 Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan
x3 Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi
x2 Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho
x2 Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai
x3 Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki (Kageki + Kagemusha = Shi En. Remember that)
x3 Kagemusha of the Six Samurai    (Kageki + Kagemusha = Shi En. Remember that)
x1 Elder of the Six Samurai


x2 Shien's Smoke Signal
x1 Six Strike - Triple Impact
x2 Shien's Dojo
x2 Six Samurai United (your drawing machine)
x1 Reinforcements of the Army
x1 Solidarity (to increase the amount of damage your monsters could deal)

x2 Double-edged Sword Techinque (it's better than Call of the Haunted, for sure!)
x2 Return of the Six Samurai
x1 Six Style - Dual Wield (probably you can swap this with Mirror Force)
x2 Musakani Magatama (for defensive purpose, but this could become a Dead Draw, so be careful)
x1 Battleguard Howling (this card is harder to activate than Magic Cylinder)


x1 Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En (the real Boss of this deck ^_^)
x1 Ally of Justice - Catastor
x3 Wind-Up Zenmaines (for defensive purpose if you can't summon Shi En)
x1 Number 61: Volcasaurus (Catastor + Grandmaster of the Six Samurai)
x1 Number 39: Utopia
(The rest is up to you. Rank 4 Xyz Monsters and Level 5-11 Synchro Monsters would be preferable, like Mist Wurm or Star Eater, which you can summon it when you already dominate the field with your monsters).


Shadow of the Six Samurai
Safe Zone (to protect Shi En from destruction, and keep your domination)
Mirror Force
Dimensional Prison
Magic Cylinder (let your opponent drink their own poison :p )
Battleguard Rage
(Again, the rest is up to you ^_^)

These cards are your dominator. Help you dominate the field quickly.

And here comes the boss ^^ . Prevents your opponent to activate their Spell/Trap cards, once in either turn. Combine it with Safe Zone, and it will make your opponent's head aching for a while :)

If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me in comments.
I think that's enough for today post. I'll add/edit if there is new ideas.

Enjoy ^_^

Kamis, 27 Juni 2013

My Proto-Deck Recipe

Di post kali ini, saya akan share deck saya yg sering saya gunakan saat bermain game Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2011 : Over the Nexus.

Tema deck nya cuma memfokuskan Type Fairy
Here is the recipe :

Monsters :

Sephylon, the Ultimate Time Lord x1
Airknight Parshath x1
Archlord Kristya x2
Herald of Green Light x1
Herald of Orange Light x1
Herald of Purple Light x1
Honest x1
Marshmallon x1
Master Hyperion x1 (you can add 2 instead of 1, regarding your needs)
Nova Summoner x1
Shining Angel x1 (you can include another Nova Summoner instead of this card)
Soul of Purity and Light x1
The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter x3
The Agent of Mystery - Earth x2 (karena ada pembatasan kartu, jika tidak ada maka bolehlah 3 kartu)
Zeradias, Knight of Heaven x1

Spells :

Cards from the Sky x2
Celestial Transformation x1
Monster Reborn x1
Pot of Avarice x1
Solidarity x2
The Sanctuary in the Sky x2
Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen x2

Trap :

Beckoning Light x1
Call of the Haunted x1
Liberty at Last x1 (bisa diganti dengan Mirror Force yg lain)
Light of Judgement x1
Miraculous Descent x1
Mirror Force x1
Solemn Judgment x1
Solemn Warning x1
Torrential Tribute x1

Extra Deck :

Ally of Justice, Catastor x1
Ancient Sacred Wyvern x1
Stardust Dragon x~ (jumlah terserah/ up to you)
Number 39 : Utopia x1
(You can add any card up to you/tambahin sendiri ya, bingung nih )

Side Deck :

Master Hyperion
Mirror Force (tergantung banlist yang aktif)
Starlight Road

Biasanya, deck ini bisa menang mudah, jika Solidarity sudah aktif di arena, sehingga monster Fairy bisa melebihi ATK monster level 4 pada umumnya.
Deck ini masih belum bisa luput dari dead draw, jadi Metaion bisa ditambahkan ke dalam deck untuk mengurangi kemungkinan terjadinya dead draw.

Deck ini masih terkesan lama / old stuff , karena saya membuat deck ini di game Over the Nexus yg rilis tahun 2011, yang bahkan belum ada monster Xyz.
Banlist nya pun berbeda, Catastor, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute masih Limited.

Sekian post dari saya, jika ada saran/kritik, bisa disampaikan melalui komentar.

Thanks for Your Attention

Kamis, 09 Mei 2013

Review #1 Stardust Dragon

In this post, i want to show you one of my favorite card.
This card is the ace card of Yusei Fudo, and it's one of Signer Dragons in the anime.

You already know what is it ?
Yeah, correct...
It's Stardust Dragon (y)

"Gathering stars will become a new shining star! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Take flight, Stardust Dragon!" 

Saya menyukai kartu ini karena efeknya yang mampu melindungi kartu dari kehancuran. Dan kelebihannya, setelah me-negate efek kartu lawan yang bersifat menghancurkan, dia bisa kembali ke field saat End Phase, setelah dikorbankan untuk mengaktifkan efeknya. Wow

Stardust Dragon juga punya kartu supportif yang benar-benar bagus. Yaitu Starlight Road....

Kartu ini bisa me-negate kartu yang punya efek menghancurkan 2 kartu atau lebih secara sekaligus seperti kartu Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, Lightning Vortex, dan kartu dengan efek sejenisnya, kemudian jika di Extra Deck kita terdapat kartu Stardust Dragon, kita dapat men-Special Summon Stardust Dragon ke field. Wow.

Sungguh, jika membuat deck yang memfokuskan untuk menSummon Stardust Dragon, kita bisa mencegah kehancuran kartu-kartu kita. Deck yang aman.

Membuat deck yang memfokuskan untuk Special Summoning Stardust Dragon juga cukup mudah, bagi saya. Kita tinggal memasukkan kartu seperti Goblindbergh, Mist Valley Soldier, Gravekeeper's Spy, dan kartu-kartu lain yang bisa membuat kita menSpecial Summon monster dengan cepat (Swarming Field).

Biasanya jika saya ingin Synchro Summon kartu Stardust Dragon, saya menggunakan kombinasi monster-monster berikut :

  • Goblindbergh + Monster Level 4 Tuner
(Normal Summon Goblindbergh terlebih dahulu, kemudian pilih monster tuner level 4 untuk di special summon, kemudian lakukan Synchro Summon.)

  • Gravekeeper's Spy + Monster Level 4 Tuner (Biasanya saya pakai kartu Rose, Warrior of Revenge atau Mist Valley Soldier, karena attack powernya lumayan.)
[Cara ini sedikit lebih sulit daripada combo Goblindbergh, karena cara ini saya tiru dari Yu-Gi-Oh! WC 2009-2011, sebelum rilisnya kartu yg praktis seperti Goblindbergh. Pertama, kita set terlebih dahulu Gravekeeper's Spy, dan di putaran selanjutnya, Flip Summon Spy, untuk menSpecial Summon Spy yang lain dari deck, kemudian Normal Summon monster tuner level 4, dan lakukan Synchro Summon. Dan di arena, masih tersisa satu Spy yang siap untuk dijadikan bahan Synchro Summoning :) ]

  • Gunakan Starlight Road untuk menegasi efek kartu lawan yang akan menghancurkan 2 kartu sekaligus, kemudian secara praktis, Special Summon Stardust dari extra deck.

Sekian dulu pembahasan saya tentang kartu favorit saya.
Thanks for Reading My Post. :)

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Dueling Network Online

Wanna Play Yugioh Card Game Online for FREE ???
Then go to this link

The registration is free, and more than 1000 different cards available, from Yugioh First Season until Yugioh ZeXal (Xyz monsters are available)


1. Click Register button
2. Input your username that you want, password, and your active e-mail
3. Then, click Register button again
4. Open your e-mail
5. Click the link in a message sent by Dueling Network to confirm your account
6. After that, go to www.duelingnetwork.com, then login
7. After you login, click DUEL, and enjoy.




Ditunggu ya para duelist dari Indonesia untuk bermain disini. Biarkan duelist Indonesia menguasai dunia lewat kartu dunia maya :D

Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

If you can't download the game you want.....

TRY this link :


If you doesn't have emulator to play those games.....

Try this link :


or check my blog :

Post image for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom, known in Japan as Yu-Gi-Oh! Falsebound Kingdom (遊戯王 フォルスバウンドキングダム ~虚構に閉ざされた王国), is the only Nintendo GameCube game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom takes a different direction from the rest of the series, being more of a mix of real-time strategy and RPG elements than the typical card battling games seen on other systems.The system it uses is uncoventional, but quite effective, as it uses a 3D battle stage including bonuses and improvements (such as fortresses, weapons, etc.)

It features most of the major characters from the anime and manga series as well as 177 monsters.


At first the player can choose between two storylines, for Yugi Muto (Yugi Mutou in the English Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and Japanese versions) and Seto Kaiba, but later the player can get one for Joey Wheeler (Katsuya Jonouchi in the English manga and Japanese versions) as well. The Yugi storyline involves Yugi, as well as Joey, Tristan Taylor (Hiroto Honda in the English manga and Japanese versions), and Téa Gardner (Anzu Mazaki in the English manga and Japanese versions) being invited to the testing of the virtual reality game “Kingdom,” created by the company SIC. When they enter Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom they soon find themselves trapped within it, and they must summon the help of the game’s characters and monsters in order to defeat Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom‘s villain, Emperor Heishin, and ultimately stop the plans of the game’s designer, Scott Irvine, to control the three Egyptian God Monsters. At one point in the Yugi storyline, some of his friends are brainwashed and the player must fight them.

Kaiba’s storyline features Seto Kaiba and his brother Mokuba Kaiba, who are also trapped in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom. Initially they work for Emperor Heishin, but Kaiba soon turns against the Empire. A climactic plot event in both stories occurs when Mokuba is kidnapped, and Scott forces Kaiba to battle against Yugi. At the end of both storylines is a segment taking place within a secret room leading from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom‘s fantasy environment to the inner workings of the computer that is running the game itself. Either team must defeat Scott Irvine as well as the enemy DarkNite, wielder of one of the God Cards, Obelisk the Tormentor (translated as The God of the Obelisk in the English manga) in Yugi’s story, and Slifer the Sky Dragon in Kaiba’s. After beating one story, the other storyline becomes harder, with higher level monsters; this is probably due to the ability to carry over monster stats from one story to the next.[original research?] In this harder mode there is an additional villain, Nitemare, who has the God Card at level 99.

Joey’s storyline is a prequel to Yugi’s and features some minor characters from the other storylines. Its main villain is Marik Ishtar who uses the Winged Dragon of Ra (translated as Sun Dragon Ra in the English manga).
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom also includes a Challenge Mode consisting entirely of battles.

Falsebound Kingdom3 Yu Gi Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom
Falsebound Kingdom4 Yu Gi Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom
Falsebound Kingdom5 Yu Gi Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom
Click to download text file including download links
(Links are in the TXT File)
Region: USA Yu Gi Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom
Download Yu-Gi-Oh! The Falsebound Kingdom